The latest version of the Opera browser, Opera One, now includes a new generative AI integration known as AI Prompt. This in-browser AI feature provides users with contextual prompts for web pages or highlighted text. According to Opera, the AI-enhanced version of Opera One will automatically enable the AI features for all users. The browser will also provide quick access to other AI tools like ChatGPT and ChatSonic in the browser’s sidebar.

The Opera One update page lists several examples of how generative AI can be used while browsing. These examples include shortened long texts for more accessible reads, explanations of complex ideas, and content creation like tweets. Currently, the AI-enhanced version of Opera One is released under early access. The company has called its updated browser a Web3, “future proof” platform.

Back in December, Opera launched a suite of security tools aimed at protecting users from malicious Web3 actors. The tools, known as Web3 Guard, are integrated into the original Opera browser and help detect harmful decentralized applications (DApps) and seed phrase phishing attacks, among other features.

The latest AI integration by Opera falls in line with major trends in the emerging technology industry. Internet and tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and more have all recently made AI-integration related-announcements since the beginning of the year.

Moreover, Elon Musk has reportedly purchased thousands of GPUs for an upcoming Twitter AI project. The Twitter CEO later said he will also be launching a truth-seeking AI platform to be called TruthGPT, which will seek to understand the nature of the universe.

As AI becomes more pervasive in major industries across the world, Opera’s latest AI integration is an example of how technology is advancing to make the browsing experience more accessible and efficient. With the introduction of AI Prompt, users can expect more personalized and helpful interactions with the content they view online.

Opera’s AI Prompt feature is just one of the many ways that AI is being integrated into everyday life. With AI becoming more mainstream, it is likely that more applications and tools will be developed to make use of this powerful technology. Opera’s move to a Web3, “future proof” platform is indicative of the increasing importance of AI and other emerging technologies in the digital landscape. As more companies invest in AI, it is likely that we will see even more innovative and transformative uses of this technology in the future.

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