MiFunder, a modern proprietary firm, announces the launch of their new funding platform for traders. Skilled forex traders often have limited capital, with many reporting that access to funding is their top challenge. To combat this, MiFunder provides traders with funded accounts up to 250,000 USD, at zero risk to the traders. This new platform not only enhances the trading capacity of skilled users but also opens up new avenues for traders globally, allowing them to amplify their earnings potential with each trade.

“MiFunder was built by seasoned traders for traders to solve this problem of under-funding, equipping traders with the capital and guardrails necessary to be part of the top 5% who are profitable.” Alex Giwa, COO of MiFunder.

MiFunder offers a multi-phase solution to audit and ensure traders with the best risk management skills join the platform.

Evaluation Phase: Prospective traders must meet specific performance criteria, including a minimum profit target of 7%. This target is favourable for traders as it is lower than the industry standard of 10%, reflecting MiFunder’s commitment to providing opportunities for skilled traders.

Verification Phase: After successfully clearing the evaluation, the profit target is lowered to 5%, while all other standard trading rules remain the same. This reduction in the profit target further validates the trader’s skills and preparedness for live trading.

Trading Phase: After successfully clearing the evaluation, traders gain access to their MiFunder trading account, ranging in size from 7,000 USD to 250,000 USD.

“By providing access to larger capital and ensuring rigorous risk management practices, MiFunder aims to provide better opportunities to skilled traders while combating the issues of over-trading and over-leveraging.” Rudo Viljoen, CEO of MiFunder.

MiFunder has instituted a standard profit-sharing model, ensuring the platform and the trader share in the successes. To ensure the sustainability and long-term viability of the funding program, rigorous risk management criteria are in place. During the evaluation phase, these criteria filter out unskilled traders. Every funded account has a maximum loss threshold for long-term sustainability. Should this threshold be reached, MiFunder’s system automatically logs the trader out, restricting their access.

MiFunder is poised to redefine the prop-trading landscape. The Company offers larger accounts at more affordable prices than competitors, often compounding their value with perks yet to be seen in the market. By providing skilled traders with the opportunity to manage larger capitals while ensuring rigorous risk management, MiFunder aims to bring stability, sustainability, and profitability back to Forex trading.

To discover these exciting features and to join the pre-launch waitlist, visit mifunder.com.

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