As ETH gets closer and closer to hitting that enormous number of $5,000, a brand new opportunity has popped up in the NFT finance world. One that could help investors make life-changing money.

NFTFN is holding a presale for its NFT lending platform, with tokens going for just $0.025. Considering the market is skyrocketing and the project is not just innovative but revolutionary, this token could jump to 50 times its current price.

The New Era

Last year alone, NFTs exploded and shattered their previous records by racking up an impressive $25 billion in trading volume throughout 2022 alone.

But these assets aren’t as liquid as others out there, meaning they’re harder to borrow against or to generate yield overall.

NFTFN plans to solve this by becoming the first major NFT-collateralized lending platform.

NFT owners can deposit their NFTs, mint fungible tokens representing their value, and then supply those tokens to liquidity pools to earn interest or take out cash loans. Here is how they stand out:

  • Owners gain liquidity without selling NFTs
  • NFTs can be put to work for yield farming
  • Platform provides lenders attractive interest rates
  • Wide range of NFTs accepted as collateral

This groundbreaking model of “NFT finance” (NFTFi) has been discussed for years, but NFTFN is taking the first step to make it a reality at the consumer level.

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Roadmap to Adoption

NFTFN’s whitepapers and roadmap outline a clear path to rapidly scaling and evolving the NFT ecosystem

The NFTFN token will be used for governance, staking incentives, and transaction fees throughout this evolution. Given its utility within an innovative and rapidly expanding market, the token has enormous upside potential from its modest $0.025 presale price.

Early Bird Benefits

As one of the first production NFTFi platforms, NFTFN stands to rapidly accumulate users and liquidity in an underserved market desperate for these financial primitives.

The project has already integrated with leading NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, establishing early liquidity sources. And the team is backed by an array of industry leaders including Polychain Capital and Multicoin Capital.

Given the hype and mania around NFTs, there will likely be an influx of frenzied demand for the first projects enabling their financialization at scale. This could create a powerful first-mover advantage effect accruing to NFTFN’s early token holders.

Why 50X from $0.025?

Hitting a market cap even 1/50th the size of OpenSea ($13B) would make NFTFN a 50X from its pre-sale valuation. And if NFTFN becomes the next major frontier of DeFi expansion, it will stand out as a clear leader.

Key drivers of NFTFN’s potential 50X trajectory:

  • Rapidly growing $25B+ NFT market needing liquidity solutions
  • First-mover advantage as a production NFTFi platform
  • Clear roadmap extending lending to options, derivatives, etc.
  • Presale valuation of just $0.025 with major upside potential
  • Backing from elite funds like Polychain and Multicoin

Of course, NFTFN faces major risks around hacks, regulation, and competition. But its ambitious vision could also make it one of the most lucrative presale opportunities of the upcoming bull cycle. Investors should always do their own research, but NFTFN may be worth a look for the daring. So, hop in today!

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