The meme coin market surged in the month of March following Bitcoin’s new all-time high. It is crucial to understand which coins can take advantage of this surge and grow further. Experts and investors have their eyes on one specific coin.

What Surged the Markets in March?

The main reason behind the surge in crypto markets in the month of March was the Bitcoin ETF. The ETF had an impressive $500M+ inflow which caused the coin to reach a fresh all-time high. Other coins like Ethereum and Solana also surged over  20-30% and meme coins seemed to take full advantage of this. Some coins like PEPE surged over 90% in the last month alone. Experts and investors are keen to know about coins that seem to use this surge to their benefit and seem to have found what some are considering to be the next big thing in crypto, BEFE.

What is BEFE?

BEFE is a meme coin launched in late 2023 with the aim of bringing back the OG days of meme coins. With the rise of meme coins in the current bull market, a lot of new meme coins are launching every day and only a handful of them are true to the definition of meme coins. These coins have pre-sales and tax that benefit the developers of the coin. BEFE was launched with no such pre-sale or tax, winning the trust of investors. Moreover, the well-known meme has been generating some great hype on the BEFE socials with over 50K followers on BEFE’s X account.

The BEFE coin is currently trading on the BNB Smart Chain and Ethereum chain.

What is BEFE’s Price Action?

The BEFE coin is up over 500% since its launch less than six months ago. The coin is currently trading at $0.0004754 and is predicted by experts including CoinMarketCap to surge a further 200% to a value of $0.01. The BEFE team has also been dedicated to listings and hopes to add some major listings soon.


March seemed to be an amazing month for crypto following the success of Bitcoin’s ETF. Experts and investors on the lookout for coins making the best of this surge seem to have the interest of BEFE. The meme coin launched less than six months ago and has made immense progress in its hype and volume. This has everyone excited for the performance of BEFE in April with some very bullish predictions.

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