Bittensor (TAO) and Stacks (STX) have been lead decliners in the crypto market crash after a dip in the U.S. stock market and Middle Eastern conflicts. Due to rapid price declines, their investors are shifting to new prominent investment avenues for potential gains and sustainable growth in the upcoming bull market after halving. 

Bittensor (TAO) price retracts to $466 level after making ATH

Bittensor (TAO) stands as a leading project in the AI-crypto space. The token witnessed a remarkable surge making an all-time high of $776 on April 11 after its listing on Binance. However, amid the market crash, the Bittensor token, TAO, faced a substantial downturn, with investors having incurred significant losses.

Investors speculate about TAO’s trajectory as the token currently trades at $466, with a 22.9% decline on the weekly chart. Despite optimistic trends in the long term, investors are hesitant to invest in TAO at the current price levels. New lows may provide a good entry point but for now, investors are shifting to new investment avenues for potential gains and mitigating potential losses from TAO. 

Stacks (TAO) Nakamoto Upgrade fails to fuel a price rebound 

Stacks (STX) is a low-cap crypto with massive potential to be a significant player in the crypto sector. Despite the Nakamoto Upgrade announced which aims to improve the Stacks platform making it accessible and faster, the news seems to have failed in pushing the price to recovery as further declines are observed on the STX chart. 

In the past week, STX has experienced a 24% decline, reflecting a persistent downward trajectory. Impacted by the recent market crash, the STX trajectory remains highly speculative with a further decline expected in the upcoming days. Due to high volatility and massive selling pressures, STX investors are dumping their tokens for new potential deFi projects. 

Due to these uncertain trendlines for Stacks (STX) and Bittensor (TAO), investors are taking positions in DTX Exchange which provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of a project that aims to transform the deFi space with its unprecedented trading features. 

DTX Exchange presale rocks with $230k raised promising 3000% gains

DTX Exchange (DTX) is revolutionizing the trading sector through its hybrid platform, including the best features of centralized and decentralized marketplaces. The project aims to empower traders with unique market insights and unprecedented growth prospects for navigating diverse financial markets including stocks, cryptos, forex, and equities. 

Utilizing distributive liquidity pools, traders can optimize their digital assets while enjoying accessible trading and reduced slippage. The platform takes real-time market insights with over 120k digital assets to trade in, offering traders an exceptional and comprehensive trading experience with a 1000x leverage feature to help them take bids on higher positions. 

DTX prioritizes user security, leveraging blockchain technology to offer non-custodial wallets and multi-tier accounts for efficient asset management. The community members are entitled to governance rights and access to potential mega airdrops providing a unique opportunity for early adopters to become a part of DTX. 

DTX Exchange presale is in high demand as the project has raised a ground-breaking $230k within days. With over 50% of tokens sold, investors are urged to participate in the presale at $0.02 before it surges to $0.075 in the next stage. Analysts predict that when DTX tokens are introduced on major CEX exchanges, they will soar 25x to $2.

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