Latest imported feed items on Block-Strategy Magazine <![CDATA[Top 100 Apecoin Holders Control Over 51% of the Supply, APE Lost 81% in 2 Months]]> 2022-07-10T16:30:28Z Top 100 Apecoin Holders Control Over 51% of the Supply, APE Lost 81% in 2 Months

Back in mid-March 2022, Bored Ape Yacht Club’s (BAYC) Apecoin DAO launched and airdropped millions of apecoin tokens to specific NFT holders. The crypto asset dedicated to the BAYC ecosystem tapped an all-time high two months ago reaching $26.70 per unit on April 28. However, apecoin is down more than 81% since that day and despite the fact that 80,744 unique addresses own APE, the top 100 addresses control 51.21% of the circulating supply.

While Apecoin’s Price Slips Lower, Concentration of Large APE Holders Remains the Same

Just over two months ago, the crypto asset apecoin (APE) made headlines after the Apecoin DAO distributed millions of apecoin (APE) to NFT owners. APE was airdropped to BAYC, Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), and Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC) holders.

On March 17, APE was exchanging hands for $10.36 per unit or 53% higher than the price today ($4.81 per APE). After the launch, APE continued to rise in USD value and by April 28, apecoin reached an all-time high (ATH) of $26.70 per unit.

At that time on April 28, APE had a circulating supply of around 284,843,750 tokens and it held the 22nd largest market valuation out of 13,000+ crypto assets. During the ATH, APE’s market cap had a dominance rating of around 0.40% as well. Moreover, at the time APE’s concentration of whale entities was quite large in comparison to most of the top coins.

Today, is an entirely different story, at least for APE’s crypto market performance. During the past month, apecoin has shed ​​14.5% against the U.S. dollar but did see an 8.2% rise during the past seven days. To date, APE is down 81% since the crypto asset’s ATH but what hasn’t changed much is the whale concentration. News reported on April 23, that 52% of the APE in circulation was held by 100 addresses. APE distribution has not changed much since the crypto winter started and the crypto economy’s value continues to slide. Statistics from’s APE rich list indicate that the top 100 wallets own 51.21% of the circulating supply.

Metrics from shows that apecoin (APE) has a Concentration of Large Holders rating of around 91% today. That’s a whole lot more concentrated than bitcoin’s (BTC) rating today which is around 10%.

APE Transfers Decline, Apecoin Search Query Interest Drops 95%

Today, the top ten APE holders command 8.01% of the supply, the top 20 addresses hold 13.01% and the top 50 APE addresses hold 28.01% on July 10. While APE has seen 1,009,507 transactions total, it’s been averaging around 2K to under 1K per day in transfers.

On July 9, 2022, 819 APE transfers were recorded and during the last week, $71.24 million worth of APE was transactions tied to transfers greater than $100K per transaction. Search data further shows that interest in apecoin (APE) has slid a great deal in the last two monts.

Google Trends (GT) data indicates that on the week of March 13th through the 19th, the search term “apecoin” tapped the highest score of 100. This week, the search query “apecoin” has a score of 5, according to worldwide GT metrics on July 10, 2022.

What do you think about apecoin’s market performance during the past two months? What do you think about the whale concentration levels? Let us know your thoughts about this subject in the comments section below.

<![CDATA[Vegas on Chain is Ready to Unveil its Crypto JackPot Project and Custom Web3 dAPP]]> 2022-05-24T23:00:00Z Vegas on Chain (VOC) is a next generation DeFi project with integrated dAPP that is accessible without a wallet on your phone, PC or tablet. Contract is fully automated and delivers both JackPot and ThePump AUTOMATICALY. This ensures transparency and functionality of project 24/7 and gives the best and fairest chances to win.

Vegas on Chain – win the JackPot!

Concept: Blockchain part

Problem with centralized platforms is trust – you cannot really be sure what odds are you getting, are cards being shuffled in fair a way, is roulette wheel spinning correctly and even if you manage to win somehow against all odds and cheats you can be banned. Crypto technology solves these problems by putting games of chance on the blockchain. This is it- no more unfair shuffling or bans, everything is done on blockchain and hard-coded in to the contract, all winnings and payouts are fully automated and decentralized.

No one won the JackPot? Everybody wins than

Concept: Vegas part

After visiting the fabulous Las Vegas and ourselves being lifelong blockchain enthusiasts we decide to create one-of-a-kind decentralized game, where percentage of every buy and sell goes to the JackPot, if there is no buys for 10 minutes last buyer wins the JackPot and if nobody wins the JackPot until it fills to 50 000$ – an event called ThePump happens, which means contract takes 30%  of the JackPot and does a single transaction buyback which in effect raises the token's price significantly. Smart contract that is fully automated and enables anyone to win infinite number of JACKPOTS up to 50000$ each! Please refer to our whitepaper and socials for more details how game is organized and prizes won.

Combine VOC JackPot game with the ThePump and you get never ending FOMO.

About Vegas on Chain

Vegas on Chain is a cutting-edge approach to lotteries in general. It combines Blockchain technology and traditional lotteries in an intriguing way to deliver the best from both worlds:

  • Stake – can give up to 5000% APY and gives stability to the price forming a floor
  • JackPot – buys every 9 minutes or less guaranteed
  • ThePump – can’t win? Everybody wins than, buyback when JackPot hits 50 000$
  • Secure – project is audited by InterFi and team is KYC’ed
  • Tax to sustain and reinvest into the ecosystem
  • All the functionalities are here and ready before launch

Please refer to our socials for launch details.     

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Whitepaper| dAPP| Medium


[email protected]


The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence, including consultation with a professional financial advisor before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency.

<![CDATA[EverReflect (EVRF) Breaks Records First Week of Trading Rewarding Holders Over $1,310,000…]]> 2022-01-31T15:30:00Z EverReflect (EVRF) has officially become the “utility token by holders for holders.” The token has shattered all records by rewarding its holders with over 1,000,000 in BUSD reflections within the first day of releasing.

To celebrate its one-week anniversary, EverReflect (EVRF), has announced it will continue to burn its token, extinguishing 5T tokens from its circulating supply. The 5T burn is the equivalent of approximately 150,000 BUSD and will bring the total circulating supply to 490T.

“This is the first of many burns we have planned to diminish the token’s circulating supply to less than 400T.” says a developer on the EVRF team. The developer continues by stating, “we will continue to provide for our community, and continue to add value to our holders and future holders alike.”

In the first week of release the token has attracted over 4,000 holders and a steady market cap exceeding 15,000,000 BUSD. The contract has also rewarded a resounding 1,310,000 BUSD to its holders as it continues to be the most aggressive utility token on the market.

The token’s key utility will be a key driver in continuous and increasing volume. The token will continue to reward its holders with 15% BUSD and will also further decrease EVRF’s circulating supply.

Snoop Dogg has said that “NFT’s will replace all ticketing”, and this is the token’s attainable goal. Before starting EVRF, its development team has spent 20 years in the live music and entertainment space, so this concept and technology is nothing new for the team’s developers.

“We do not want to be the next Safemoon or the next EverGrow, we want for the next generation of tokens to aspire to be the next EverReflect.”

Solidifying its reputation for delivery and transparency, the EVRF team will host an “Ask Me Anything” on Feb 2nd, 2022 on its Telegram channel which will simultaneously be broadcast on its YouTube; see the links below.

Please note the contract address for Pancake Swap is: 0x3C2e501B08CF5C16061468c96b19b32bae451dA3


<![CDATA[Elvantis Introduces a Metaverse-inspired NFT Game That Rewards Players with Crypto]]> 2022-01-31T14:00:00Z Players can explore a metaverse built around a captivating narrative and grab NFTs to add to their collection. They can then use their collectibles to enhance the power of avatars or trade them in the intergalactic Marketplace to earn crypto.

The metaverse-inspired game brings unique characters and stories, state-of-the-art graphics, and animations that aims to deliver a fun digital experience. The platform will feature numerous mini-games with captivating gameplay and features that allow users to combine skill, luck, and investment to increase their NFT collections and crypto earnings.

Get Ready For the Launch of the Elvantis Token and NFTs

The ELV token's official launch and the NFT sale are scheduled to start in early February 2022. The events will kick off on February 1 at 11 PM UTC with the presale of ULTRAGLOW, a rare and highly sought-after Xspace NFT. The Lands presale will follow shortly after on February 2.

Investors will then be invited to participate in the public token sale on February 4. The event will allow participants to buy and claim up to 100% of their ELV tokens and NTFs. 

After completing the presale events, the team will add liquidity on Pancakesawp and announce the schedule of listings and opening of the market in the other exchanges.

How to Earn in the Metaverse of Elvantis

The game allows users to explore the digital universe as a bounty hunter to find and build the best Alien. During their journey in space, players can discover intergalactic treasure chests that hold rare and valuable collectibles.

Holders of rare NFTs can trade their collectibles for crypto or use them to equip their avatars with the tools they need to explore the universe. The more a player ventures into space, the higher their chances of uncovering the rarest and most valuable items from chests and adventures.

Bounty hunters can also find tools and abilities that make their Alien better equipped to explore and access rarer items that fetch higher crypto rewards. What's more, Elvantis users can increase their earnings by starting a farm that facilitates the passive growth of their NFTs.

About Elvantis

Elvantis is a decentralized cross-chain application that runs on multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, BSC, and Matic. The experienced team of developers behind the metaverse is committed to delivering the future of play-to-earn games.

To connect with the community and keep up with upcoming developments on the Metaverse of Elvantis, check out the social pages below:

<![CDATA[BabySoccer to Introduce a Soccer Metaverse Game Ahead of Token Presale]]> 2022-01-31T08:45:00Z The BabySoccer game, a new soccer metaverse game, is announcing the launch of its NFT Metaverse game ahead of its NFT token's presale. The game is a decentralized worldwide multiplayer game and NFT platform intending to reward holders throughout the medium and long term. 

The BabySoccer token presale will commence on February 3 at 15:00 UTC, with its soft cap set at 100 BNB and the hard cap at 200 BNB.

P2E Gaming Calls for Community Participation

BabySoccer is a soccer game developed on the blockchain. It is among the projects that bring a new paradigm to the sports ecosystem. Players can actively participate in multiple video games and soccer, all merged by blockchain and NFT.

Inside the BabySoccer ecosystem, users can earn through trading, farming, staking, or tokens to increase their ROI. Notably, staking benefits correspond to dividend distributions, which contribute continuously to making the blockchain sturdy, stable, and safe.

According to the BabySoccer game developers, the game will offer its community openness and fairness by soliciting feedback from players via surveys to assist them in making decisions concerning the project.

BabySoccer Token

The BabySoccer(BSC) is the token used to perform the main actions within the BabySoccer universe, such as assets purchases or sales. It has a total supply of 100,000,000 BSC. The token Presale will start on 03.02.2022 at 15:00 UTC on PinkSale. Below are the details of its token distribution.


The BabySoccer NFT token allocation is as follows: The total supply of BSC tokens stands at 100M. 40% of the total supply will be allocated to the presale. The liquidity pool will take up 21% of the total supply, whereby the project will redistribute it back to BSC token holders on the platform.

The team receives 16% to ensure the project keeps learning. Marketing will take 15% of the tokens to ensure the project has a broad outreach to bring more investors on board. The project's development will take 3% of the tokens to allow the project to grow. The legal part will take 1% of the token, while the last 5% is reserved.

About BabySoccer

The Baby Soccer NFT token game is a new open-source cryptocurrency. It is also a decentralized global multiplayer platform built on the Binance Smart Chain network that offers a modularized and modern way to benefit all involved users. To read more about the project, you can visit the project's social media links:




Media Contact –

Name : Yolanda Acero Barrera 

Email: [email protected]

<![CDATA[Fish Finance Leverages NFTs To Reward Users Using Play-To-Earn Feature]]> 2022-01-30T11:00:00Z Fish Finance, a MetaVerse, and NFT platform, has unveiled a new platform that offers users to generate revenue and mint NFTs. The Fish Finance ecosystem comprises the GameFi stable coin, GameFi ventures, blockchain auditing, and the GameFi Launchpad. It’s offering users an opportunity to experience fish racing on the MetaVerse. Fish Finance will be the first GameFi to run on Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche and Lucky Network.

The gaming mechanism comprises a marketplace and fishing rod that enables people to acquire fish. Importantly, it offers everyone six ways to play the game and take advantage of the platform. It is a transparent system where everyone can play to earn, predict to earn, Hodl to earn, make a referral, and become team leaders to receive rewards.

According to the platform developer, to participate or play the game, a player must purchase a fishing rod by minting NFT. Based on the probability ratio, the purchased fishing rod catches a fish that comes with a certain rarity level. Players can choose a particular fish to be part of their squad or not. During the race, stamina is a crucial determinant to ensure their fish wins the race; players can take care of their fish by visiting a hospital or using protein potion. The stamina portion can be bought or farmed in the Fish Finance marketplace.

How Fish Finance generates different revenue streams 

Offering users an opportunity to receive rewards has a "predict to earn" system, acting as a ticket pool. It allows FiFi token users to receive a 10% reward, whereas winners in the game can receive a 15% reward. In addition, there is a fundback to losers in prediction and correct predictors getting rewards.

The platform allows players to participate in NFT sales through the Fish NFT – feeding or playing the game. Playing the game through the Fish NFT can participate as P2P or PvP to earn the FiFi token. Alternatively, players can acquire the FiFi token to buy a Fishing rod, protein portion, and a level portion to boost their Fish NFT. With this, they can play the game as P2P or PvP to earn the FiFi token. With the FiFi token, investors can hunt seaweed to feed Fish NFT.

NFT owners on the platform have a chance to get safelisted when the FiFi token IDO is launched. The CEO indicated that anyone could use NFT to Play to Earn in-game with a cheaper NFT price during the sales event. Furthermore, users can stake NFT to receive the FiFi token.

Token Distribution and Offering 

The total supply of the FiFi token is 8,6000,000,000 with 30% allocated for its play-to-earn feature, whereas 14% is set apart for the Dev and founder. The seed round and private A are allocated %, respectively. 5% of the total supply is allocated to liquidity, with 1% set apart for its strategic partners. The other allocations include 2% for advisors, 11% for the public, 8% for Private B, 8% for marketing, and 3% for a risk reserve fund.

Social Media:




Media Contact: 

Company: Fish Finance

Contact Name: Harry Lee

Email: [email protected]


<![CDATA[Doge-1 Token Launches To Celebrate The New Moon Landing]]> 2022-01-30T11:00:00Z The Doge-1 token team is pleased to announce regarding its arrival. Doge-1 token is created to celebrate the new moon landing.

Doge-1 mission was announced in May 2021 by one of the richest man in the world. The mission, financed with Dogecoin, aims to bring a satellite into orbit around the moon.

For this reason, Doge-1 token holders will receive rewards in Dogecoin.

A solid and selected community filled the private sale in a matter of hours, without the need to open it to the general public.


Doge-1 is based on the BSC blockchain. Its smart contract includes frictionless yield and automatic liquidity generation.

The blockchain rewards holders with reflections in Dogecoin that are funded by transaction taxes.

The Doge-1 token also comes with investor protection, which means there is a limit on how many tokens a wallet can hold and transact.

Moreover, there is an anti-bot function coded in the contract to avoid hackers and scammers messing with the supply.

There is an automatic liquidity option that adds 2% of each transaction into the liquidity pool.

Buyback functions are not automatically activated but require manual indication so that deflation can be controlled when it is needed. The bought back tokens are then burned forever.

The functions of the Doge-1 smart contract will help to stabilize the token price and the market capitalization.

Social Media:




Media Contact: 

Company: Doge-1

Email: [email protected]


<![CDATA[DareNFT to Launch new product in their ecosystem DarePlay Metaverse]]> 2022-01-30T04:00:00Z 29th January 2022,  Products (DarePlay, DareLaunch, DareFarm) gain traction and the NFT 2.0 protocol which lies at the heart of DareNFT has much of a promising future.

The whole industry is rapidly changing. The emergence of the metaverse as a new thing in the market is what’s been under the radar for months. DareNFT still rings true to its initial affirmation of the capability to catch any trend with its core product. In the arrival of the metaverse, the project has decided to upgrade its MVP product DarePlay, the DarePlay Metaverse. In a sense, DarePlay Metaverse, would be like the space where all interactions come as human experience, where guilds, gamers and NFT games all have a place to exchange their skills, knowledge, and advertise their brands. Also, this new turning-from-2D-to-3D trajectory for DarePlay brings about the demand of a new token governing the new model.

$1M-worth DPL FairDrop 

The governing token of the new version of DarePlay is DPL, which is a token purely for community. DarePlay Metaverse will launch DPL based on the Fair Launch model in a so-called ‘no seed, no private, no VC, purely for community’ event.

Fair Launch has always been considered as the holy grail for cryptocurrency. The Fair Launch term has become popular recently, after launched its token with no VC allocation, no pre-mine, and no ICO, but just used liquidity mining as a means of acquiring the token. Many other popular cryptocurrency which are launched in this way such as SushiSwap, Trader Joe, and Gitcoin.

$DPL, the new token of DareNFT, will have a 48-month issuance period and offer an equal price to the public. DPL IDO will not be launched normally, but via an activity called FairDrop. This is a tribute activity in a sense that DareNFT gains no benefits from doing it, no fundraising activity involved, merely to reward long-term $DNFT holders and supporters for what they have done for DareNFT so far.

There will be 10% of the $DPL total supply to be used in Fairdrop. At the listing price $0.01, the total FairDrop value is $1M. In the first Fairdrop right in January, DareNFT will directly airdrop 10,000,000 $DPL (1% supply) to loyal members of DareNFT. It makes the initial market cap of $DNFT stay at only $100,000. There'll be no seed sale, private sale, VC, or team token when DPL is listed.

Offering to all $DNFT loyal members

DPL is the next IGO on DarePlay. To join FairDrop, users must have DP, the interest-bearing token given to $DNFT Stakers and Liquidity Farmers. That’s why the team calls the FairDrop as the ‘give-it-all-to $DNFT-loyal-members’ event. $DNFT Loyal members would stake their token or add liquidity and earn DP. DP is used in not just DPL FairDrop but many IGO based on the team’s recently launched IGO model. Think about DP as STETH which ETH 2.0 stakers get when staking their ETH on Lido staking platform, which means the more DP is minted and used, the more strong the DareNFT ecosystem is.

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<![CDATA[Grow Marketing Company Supplies Entrepreneurs with Practical Business Information]]> 2022-01-29T04:15:00Z Grow Marketing Company

LEHI, Utah-You may have heard in the news about The Great Resignation: in 2021, millions of people, predominantly in the United States, quit their jobs at a rate not previously seen in the workforce. Some, of course, went on to find employment elsewhere, but others decided to get into entrepreneurship. They face tough odds, as in 2019, the failure rate of startups was 90%. As small businesses generate roughly 50% of our GDP, it is hard to deny that the country can benefit when entrepreneurs make it into the 10%. So, what is behind the difficulties entrepreneurs face in the early days and months of starting their companies? A lack of business knowledge has been cited as an issue, one that Growing Marketing Company, founded by Will Vigil, is working to address with its free online resources.

The Issues Faced By Some Entrepreneurs When They Begin Their Businesses

The Harvard Business Review states that "many startups fail because they don't have a viable business model or idea." If a business plan can help an entrepreneur to clarify their vision, create a practical marketing plan, know where they will look for funding, determine how likely it is that there is a need for their product, and structure the months ahead of them, it seems likely, then, the HBR's assessment is true.

Another cited reason is that new business owners do not always understand the regulatory requirements surrounding their companies. This can include tax laws, licensing and permits, antitrust laws, and employment and labor laws. For the entrepreneur who is not familiar with the laws they must follow, it seems likely that the launch of their company could be hindered as well.

How Grow Marketing Company Is Working to Help Entrepreneurs Understand the Intricacies of Managing a Business

"At Grow Marketing Company, we believe that if a person has the desire to run their own business, they should have free access to resources that can aid them," the company states. "To that end, we have an extensive database of information that anyone can learn from, and there is no charge."

On its website, the company lays out the six steps behind starting a business, from putting the initial idea down on paper, to what to do when you potentially begin generating revenue. "It is a good overview of the process you will likely undergo," Grow Marketing Company states. "Of course, there is more to running a company than this, which is why we have provided additional free resources to all entrepreneurs."

The company's library of information includes:

  1. Business Plans: New owners can watch a YouTube tutorial as well as read through an explanation of each part of a business plan, including the Executive Summary, Marketing and Sales Plan, Milestones and Metrics, and Financial Plan.
  2. Business Structures: The website explains the differences between a sole proprietor, an LLC, an LLP, an S-Corp, and C-Corps. It also details each state's filing fees for forming a corporation.
  3. Business Credit: Entrepreneurs can understand the different lines of credit possible for them and read answers to commonly asked questions.
  4. Free Startup Business Guide: Company leaders who prefer to have their questions answered in one place may find what they are looking for here.

About Grow Marketing Company

Will Vigil founded Grow Marketing Company to serve the next generation of entrepreneurs who are ready to bring their ideas to the market but are not sure where to begin. "Running a business is difficult enough as it is, but when you are new to it and lack information, it becomes even more so," he says.

Will wanted to create a one-stop place where anyone could come when they had questions about managing their companies. "Entrepreneurs very often invest every dime they have in their dream companies, and I didn't think it was fair that they should have to pay for tips that can potentially help them," Will states. "That's why I created these free resources. Knowledge, as they say, is power, and I want entrepreneurs to have it."

How More Resources May Help the Country's Entrepreneurs

As any business owner knows, the path a company takes over the years to come will likely be affected by numerous factors, including pandemics that few people can foresee. However, by supplying entrepreneurs with free information that has the potential to help them in the early days of their businesses, Grow Marketing Company may be helping them to set off on firmer footing.

For more information on Grow Marketing Company and the resources it offers to all entrepreneurs, please visit its website or contact:

Grow Marketing Company

1-833-GROWMKT (text or call)


[email protected]

<![CDATA[A Noble Launch Gets Underway]]> 2022-01-27T21:00:00Z With the launch of their Noble Knights NFT collection, Nobility is working towards its goals in the eSports industry.

It’s Official

Nobility Token launched their inaugural Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection, Noble Knights, on January 24th. The much anticipated Noble Knight NFT collection is phase one of the team's ambitious plan to try to revolutionize the eSports industry.  

Users can now mint one of the Noble Knight NFTs, or pick up a White Shield token to show support for the project. The limited-edition shields were a presale bonus and the remaining tokens can now be picked up from the website. The collection and the White Shield tokens will fund $NBL’s plans to create their own virtual Camelot in Decentraland and the Sandbox Metaverse.

“The launch went better than we could have hoped are we’re touched by the support the community has given our Noble Knights project. Kyle McDougal, the CEO of Nobility Token revealed. “Minting is now open to the public and users can now get their hands on any of the exclusive 4,444 knight tokens which survived the pre-sale. Each knight is unique and comes with in-game functionality which will be important later as we open our online tournaments.” 

Sandbox Castles

As mentioned, capital from the Noble Knight’s collection will be used to secure land for the game world. $NBL plans to disrupt the eSports, competitive gaming, GameFi, and play-to-earn markets on a global level with their unique rewards-based token. According to the team, the concept is to create a token economy dedicated to supporting a PVP platform. 

The token itself even includes a prize fund tax taken from every transaction.  This tax goes into a prize pool that the developers hope will attract the best players into their game world. In this online universe, players will compete in winner-takes-all combat. Winners will rise through the ranks gaining fame, perks, and riches as they climb, while the losers face NFT burns.

Minty Fresh 

The Noble Knight NFT collection features 4,444 unique tokens, each with custom art and traits. Some are more powerful than others, but all of them will carry additional in-game perks and features. Minting one of these powerful NFTs will give players a competitive edge in the $NBL world. 

The sale is now public, so all you need to do to mint your own custom Noble Knight NFT is head to Nobility Token’s website and follow the instructions. Once you’ve completed the steps, you’ll be able to instantly view your own personal knight and compare it and its traits with others revealed from the collection.    

For your chance to join the crusade head to their website and mint a knight 

You can find out more about the project here and at the following links: