Following the latest news from the altcoin market, there will likely be a turn of events from the sideways movement in the past weeks. However, one critical coin to look out for is the Bitgert coin, which has received glowing praise from speculators in the last few weeks. But, even more impressive is the speculation of a considerable price surge coming to the Bitgert coin. The altcoin season is about to become much better for investors on the Bitgert coin as there is a surge of up to 400% expected in the price growth this week. Let’s talk in detail about this coming surge.

If you have followed the Bitgert coin in the last few weeks, the price movement and team action might have shown you a sign that a huge spike is coming. Why? More adoption, innovative features, and the expanding community are topping the list of what is causing the hope of the price surge. To make it more explanatory, let’s pick these points one after the other to see how this could soon hint at an explosive price movement. Let’s start with its adoption rate.

Increasing Bitgert Adoption Across Projects With EVM Compatible 

The first thing to mention here is that Bitgert offers a wide range of features that make using the Bitgert Chain more efficient for Web3 developers. However, starting a project all over again before you can enjoy the features of Bitgert might sound too stressful for developers. It allows you to port your project from Ethereum to make this easier. 

The Bitgert Chain has EVM compatibility, which means that even though it runs a better network, you can quickly move your Ethereum-dependent project to Bitgert. This allows you to enjoy zero gas fees, an incredibly fast transaction speed, and many others.

Bitgert’s Growth with Innovation

Innovation has been a major factor driving Bitgert’s growth and popularity since its launch. This includes 100,000 TPS, zero gas fee, innovative consensus, and high attention to network security. With these innovations, it has been expanding as a major utility-driven altcoin, with many traders taking advantage of its features, making it cheaper and easier.

The community has also contributed immensely to the discovery and positive sentiment of the coin in the last few weeks. There are currently over 600,000 members actively engaging and spreading the news across networks. But the more this news spreads, the higher the price climbs. And with the rate the news of Bitgert’s innovations and efficiency has been spreading lately, we might be in for a massive surge in the price.

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